FAQs | Runskie


How does Runskie work?

Good question.  First, sign up and create a profile at www.runskie.com, from a computer (for everyone’s safety and ease, this step cannot be done through the App).  Second, create your job post.  You can choose to either post the job on the Job Board, or find a runner nearest you and see if they will pick up the job.

Business/Individual FAQs

What if the Runner I picked didn’t pick up my job?

Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them.  It probably means that they don’t have enough time to complete your job with the high level of service that we feel you’re entitled to receive.  

What should I do if the Runner I picked didn’t pick up my job?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Select another runner and offer it to them.

How do I know I can trust the Runners on Runskie?

All Runners are background checked, interviewed in person, and vetted by you. After every job,  you have the opportunity to rate your runner.

Why am I, as the Business/Individual, rated?

Runskie believes in the golden rule: treat others as you want to be treated. We want to ensure that our Runners are safe and respected.

Why am I putting a credit card on file?

Runskie strives to be efficient. With a credit card on file, it minimizes the time and effort it takes for you to get things done—your tasks get completed and Runners get paid, all through your App.  Defintely better.

Why do I have multiple charges on my card?

It’s not forever, we promise.  Just like a gas station, we do “soft charges” to make sure that the credit card is active.  The “soft charges” places a temporary hold on funds, but the account is not charged.  As soon as the job is completed, the hold will clear.

Why does my card get charged when the job hasn’t been completed?

As soon as a job is accepted and started by a Runner, we’ll place a hold on your account, pending completion.  Once you confirm completion and rate your runner, your account is charged and the Runner is paid.

What if I wasn’t satisfied with my Runner?

Oh no, we hate to hear that.  First, please let us know. We value our client’s opinions and feedback and rely on it to improve. You can expect to hear from us within 24 hours. Please send us your comments here.

Runner FAQs

How do I become a Runner?

Easy as pie. Sign up here.

How soon can I start Running?

You can start Running as soon as you fill out your profile and complete a background check.

Why am I required to get a background check?

The type clients and jobs that you may potentially handle might be important documents or materials.

How do I pick up jobs?

You can pick a job one of 2 ways. First, download the App here. When you want to work, login. By logging in, you’ll be visible to clients and able to pick up jobs.  Alternatively, you can search the Job Board here (you can also find it on the App’s dashboard when you login).

What if I only want to work certain times?

That’s your prerogative.  You set your own hours.  When you login to the App, you can adjust your hours by going to Settings, and then to the Calendar.

How do I get paid?

Runners get paid every Friday.  Your Runskie account will be credited, and then you can transfer funds to your bank account or paypal.

Why do I have to wait until Friday to get paid?

We know; immediate would be better.  Runners are on a tiered system that is calculated on a weekly basis.

Runners get paid:

  • 80% for 1-19 jobs per week
  • 82% for 20-40 jobs per week
  • 84% for 40+ jobs per week

What is the pay period?

The pay period starts on Thursday thru Wednesday, and pay day on Friday.

Do I get paid if the business/individual didn’t rate me?

We feel very strongly about communication with our clients and employees, and about getting feedback. But we also recognize that time is of the essence.  As a compromise, we give our clients three days to rate the Runner.  If after three days, the client has not rated the Runner, we release the funds towards the next pay-day.

Yeah, I agree it needs more clarification and yes that is the 3 day wait.

How does white labeling work?

Find out more at our white labeling page here.

How can I advertise better myself and get more jobs?

We want you to present your best self and work as much as you want to work, too! In the App or on the computer, update your Runskie profile and then share your profile on your social media. You might even ask friends and family to share your profile.  Friends and friends you haven’t met yet (or, as some people call them, strangers) can view your profile and book jobs directly through your Runskie profile.