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About us

Runskie started as the wishful thinking of a corporate administrative assistant.  She dreamt of having the occasional helping hand with filing, intermittent assistance with data entry, sporadic support with research, and even running to pick up coffee for the boss.   Then, one day, this hardworking dreamer left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom.  Even though she no longer researched and input data, she still dreamt of having the occasional helping hand with running errands, or sporadic assistance with grocery shopping.  She couldn’t afford a full time assistant or butler, but she wanted occasional help.  This Dreamer turned her wishful thinking into Runskie.  

The original plan was for Runskie to focus on business—provide an affordable and reliable way for employers to have an extra assistant on their terms.  The business can decide when they need help, what kind of help, and how they want to hire (per job or by the hour).  The Dreamer imagined businesses small and large calling for filing, data entry, package delivery, legal couriers, lunch pickup, and coffee runs.

As the dream developed, she knew it could help individuals in their daily lives too. All of a sudden, she could have someone run tricky errands and she could be there to meet the electrician, or someone could grocery shop and her husband could pick up the kids from school.  Runskie offers the luxury of extra help, in flexible and affordable way.

Here at Runskie, we’re glad that this Dreamer put her wishful thinking into action. We think you’ll be glad too.